Creative Agency & Digital Agency – What are the main differences?

The growth of online advertising has made Digital Agencies one of the most sought-after services by advertisers. Bypassing the work that is done in a Creative Agency. This creates a lot of confusion among advertisers about what type of agency they should use for their campaigns.

Whether it’s an energetic logo, an impressive headline, or bold colors, design is one of the most important aspects of your ads. It’s no wonder that in today’s advertising climate , where competition is getting fiercer and tougher, creative agencies continue to thrive.

Toronto-based agency Smith Roberts wanted to rename their company in 2013. What they envisioned in their agency’s rebirth is a name and feel that will touch the traditional values of the Toronto Distillery District where the company is located. But they also wanted a name that embodies the company’s commitment to helping its customers grow. In the end they decided on Corktown Seed Co . A quick glance at their brand tells you that the company achieved what it wanted with a modern, minimalist retro vibe to its collaterals . You can see it in the heading of this article.a

  • The Instagram community has more than 600 million users.
  • Snapchat has more than 150 million users a day as of December 2016.
  • More than 500 million tweets are sent daily.

While these social media statistics are definitely eye-catching. Keep in mind that those sites don’t even have the largest database of users. That honor belongs to Facebook, which has more than 1.86 billion users online.

Benefits of a Creative Agency

Creative Agencies are still the queens when it comes to design. Those companies focus on creating the best designs for your brand and will still do wonders for your campaign. Creating visual content is still a high priority for consumer company businesses.

Which is better?

It is true that hiring a Digital Agency makes more sense for your money. The high volume of users, as well as its profitability, make it really a difficult decision to overcome . But design is very important when it comes to your campaigns. A good design will boost the effectiveness of your promotions and polish your brand even more. If you can save some cash, having a Creative Agency working with a Digital Agency or hiring a Digital Agency that does creative work, you will have the best combination for your company.…

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